Dx for follow up US after Drug Induced ITOP


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Aloha all,
When a drug induced ITOP is performed and the patient comes in for a follow up in 7-10 days we perform an US to clarify that there are no retained products of conception.
What dx should I use to support the US?
Our other coders have been using 635.xx and I do not agree with that as this is not an appointment to perform a legally induced abortion.
Any suggestions?
Thank you, in advance, for your assistance in this matter.
Although the abortion is not induced at this appointment, it is a follow up for an induced abortion, so that is the code you use for the ultrasound. The provider is still following the course of the induced abortion to see that it is complete. The fifth digit to the 635.xx code will help describe the circumstances of the encounter; 0 unspecified, 1 incomplete, 2 complete. So if it is an induced abortion complete w/o complications you would use 635.92.