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Hello everyone, I had a 70yr old pt in the ER had fallen off the bed the dr ordered a ct scan it was normal there are no injuries no pain he does have htn and dm, The Dr. just put fall as the dx, so I coded V714 E8844 and mcare denied per billing it was denied because of the V714 so how would you code it then? There were no injuries no pain nothing so if I can not use V714 what else is there? I know that there is somewhere on the CMS website that tells me what dx codes they accept for Procedures but I can not figure out how to find it on the CMS website does anyone on this discussion group know? Any and all help would really be appreciated..thanks, alice
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The V71.4 is a perfectly allowable dx code and is first listed only allowable. what exactly did the denial state. The only other code you could use as a secondary would be the V code for history of fall. I would appeal as this should not be denied for dx code.

I don't know exactly what the denial said I did ask, but the billing people never got back to me. This is the 1st time that we have gotten this back we got 3 back in one day, and no there was nothing else the DR only said pt had fallen and there were no injuries that I could find anywhere in the chart..Thank you for all the help. alice