E codes and DMEPOS modifier help!


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I'm instructing my first class in coding and my students are having a tough time with E-codes (when to use them) and HCPCS Level II modifiers (so many from them to choose from). I'm trying to find an easier way of breaking this down to them. I've searched the internet and can't really find anything. Anyone have any tips?
The easiest way to break it down is if there is am ER visit anything with an 800-900 code has to have an E-code..or if there is a car accident etc. back pain..neck pain..this is done for insurance reasons ..as far as the HCPCS..that is more for an office visit and a drug, chemo or immunization is given it has to have the HCPCS code to identify the drug being given.(watch the quantity).or if the pt. has Medicare there are HCPCS codes that have to be used in order to get paid..I hope this helps!!!