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If you have these on the following discharge is this correct?

Discharge diagnosis:

1. E. COli UTI with sepsis
2. Sepsis Syndrome
3. Advanced Dementia
4. Hypothyroidism-stable
5. Malnutrition
6. Dysphagia

E. Coli UTI with Sepsis-you code the sepsis. 995.91 cannnot be coded with 599.0. Leave out the 599.. The sepsis syndrome falls under 995.91.
I would code 041.1, 995.91, 294.10, 263.9, 787.20, 244.9
As far as the codes for the Sepsis/UTI, I would code

038.42, 995.91, 599.0

why do you think you need to leave the UTI out?

per coding guidelines you first code the systemic infection (038.xx, 112.5, etc), followed by sepsis (995.91) and the localized infection (in this case, the UTI)

Cordelia, CCS, CPC
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Per coding guidelines, you can and should code the underlying infection, which is the UTI

Cordelia, CCS, CPC
Cordelia is correct you code the localized infection as the 3rd code. If you have not read the coding guidelines for sepsis, I would recommend it as it covers the coding of sepsis in a very comprehensive manner.