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Staten Island, NY
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Anyone know where I can find one of these cards or cheat sheets? I need one for a new PA.
I know I've seen them before, just couldn't remember where.
Trailblazers has one on their website, but it is kind of hard to read when you print it out. If you go to EMUniversity, they have a lot of tools/handouts that you can print out. They also have 10 free CEU's.

What kind of "cheat sheets" are you looking for?? The ROS & HPI?? If you want to e-mail me with your fax #, I can fax you some of the sheets I use.
And, yes has some great free handouts and the 10 free CEU's!!

Kathy, CPC-A
Thanks for the responses! I was looking for HPI quick sheets.
I did find a couple of them on different sites, but like you said - they were very difficult to read once printed.
I will try try emuniversity.
Kathy, I also e-mailed my fax # to you.
Thanks again!:cool: