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I am a little confused.:confused: We have a hand surgeon in our office and I find it a little hard and confusing when trying to count my bullet points on his exam. Mostly confused when he states patient had intact FDS, FDP, AND EDC function to all digits or on physical examination patient is non-tender to FCR, ECRL, and ECRB.

The problem I am having is I have one coder explaining that by the doctor stating the FDS, FDP, and EDC is only one bullet point all together. Then I have another coder explaining to me it is consider three bullet points since they are individual.

So as you can see I am confused and hoping someone can help clarify whether each one is consider individual or if he is examining this that they are all together?

Please Help!! Any information would be very helpful!

Thank you,

1995 DG just gives the doc credit for the M/S system. 1997 DG gives the doc credit for:

* Tenderness
* Range of Motion
* Stability
* Strength

You would get one bullet each for the Upper Extremity RT and/or LT. So assessing Tenderness, ROM, Stability & strength of the right hand/wrist would be a total of 4 bullets.

You don't get credit for each tendon.