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Can anybody help me with the point to be added under B: Data reviewed and/or order, we have a querry that "if physician orders an EKG and does the interpretation of the tracing can we consider different points for ordering and interpretation separately".

Please help us with the confusion.
Hi Adi

According to me "when the physician orders the EKG 1 point and if he intreprets the EKG 2 points totally 3 points".
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E/M Data Points

Hi Adi,

Based on your question " If the physician orders the EKG and he interprets that, we have to consider either order (1 point) or interpretation (2 Points). So i go with interpretation which has 2 points".
Are you billing for the EKG?

Are you billing for the EKG?

If YES, then you are already being reimbursed for that work, and should not count 2 points for the interpretation.

You may still count the 1 point for ordering the test.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC
E/M Data Points

I agree with F Tessa.

Billing for the EKG has a PC/TC therefore the PC is the reimbursement for the interpretation. Therefore 1 pt.

Hope this helps.

I too agree with F Tessa.

When ever physican reviews and/or orders EMG study, then it qualifies for only 1 point. Cannot consider interpretation and ordering as separate data.

Hi shruthi

Hi Shruthi

Discussion held for EKG, but you said about EMG, can you explain is EMG also can consider as 1 point in MDM data points?

Thank you
Arul murugan.S