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I was wondering if anyone out there has taken the E/M specialty certification exam? What was it like and did you find it helpfull in your job? I have only been coding for 2 months and have my CPC-A and would like to pursue some specialty credentials eventually and I seem to have a nack for E/M coding, I just wasnt sure if the credential was neccessary??
Since you have only been coding for 2 months, in my opinion, I don't think you should concentrate on getting a "specialty" as of yet. Coding has many options as to where you would want to work. Do you have a coding job right now? If so, good for you ,because not many companies like to hire CPC-A. After a year,with coding experience, you should take the A off .
But to answer your question, it doesn't really help, other than adding another title to your name/credentials.
Good luck
I disagree, if you are good at E&M coding go for it, E&M's are not easy to learn and I think you can become a specialist in more than one area anyway, I am working on my Oculoplastics and general surgery right now. The more you further your coding education and you have the credentials to back it up, the better you look to employers.
I am currently working for a cardiology practice coding inpatient visits. I dont want to take the specialty exam right now, Im just thinking about the future and what specialties come in handy. I was very fortunate to receive the job opportunity so soon. I graduated in October, passed the CPC in November, then started my new job in February, and feel VERY blessed :)
E/m specialty exam

Hi I was hoping someone can help me out here. I want to take the E&M certification. My coworker took the test and she has some questions. Can you help us with suggestions or practice test. Here is her email to me below she has some concerns, maybe you can help us or steer us in the right direction. Thank you!

Results: FAIL - Schedule Retake

Score: 62%
Areas of Study: • Audit : 65%
• EM : 57%
• EM Category : 36%
• HCPCS : 0%
I am not sure how to break this down. What did I audit? I think there were only one or two questions with HCPCS, and the E/M cat I am guessing the questions were regarding consults. “by law� if it is not referenced in the note that the pt was referred to by Dr such and such, it is not a consult :because they didn't document�, so on some, they wrote on top “CONSULT� but in the letter, they didn't reference the referring dr, so I chose it to be an initial visit. I am going to write the study guide authors for clarification. There were no questions in the study guide about NPs and teaching MDs, so I will ask if they can provide some examples. They weren't on the practice exam either, and being you really don't know which ones were right or wrong, I cannot be sure that was it, but it would have to be…