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Lathrop, California
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Hi all,
I have an office visit for a colonoscopy referral.

The patient is here to get her referral for colonoscopy. She is three years late for her five-year return, having had some polyps on her previous colonoscopy that was performed by a Dr. who is now retired and she will be seeing another Dr. who is also an interventional gastroenterologist. She has not had any symptoms. She has not had any melena. She has not had any abdominal pain. She has not had any change in bowel habits.

Best I have been able to find is that a pre-colonoscopy visit to the same dr. as the one that does the colonoscopy is not separately billable. I am also not sure if the previous colonoscopy in which polyps were found changes it or not.

Can I use V70.3 for this one?

colonscopy referral

I live in the state of Texas and have worked for several gastroenterologists and a general surgeon.

Medicare has never paid for a visit before the colonoscopy is done. If you get denied from Medicare, you are not able to bill the patient either.

I hope this helps.