E/M w debridement callus etc


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I am new to Podiatry and I am trying to understand when it appropriate to bill the E/M in addition to debridement or callus removal. Part of the issue is the providers seem to perform the same amount of work regardless of dx. A full bilateral foot exam will be done even though there are not any new complaints and they perform debridement, 11721.. 11055.. these include pre op E/M - global rules.
ex 1 est pt - Non diabetic or no other systemic condition but there is toe pain - full exam done and debridement - bill debridement only
ex 2 est pt Diabetic controlled E11.9. Dx does not qualify but there is toe pain, no other complaints - full exam and debridement done. - bill
debridement only ??
Ex 3 est pt - Diabetic w neuropathy E11.42 - last exam 60 days ago. no new complaints. full exam done and debridement - bill E/M? and debridement. Can you bill the E/M because they are assessing the effects that the DM may have w/ each visit?