Question eCW - Posting Reversal of Payments


Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Can somebody steer me in the right direction please?😧

So, I was originally trained that when an insurance company takes back money, I need to delete all charges and make sure claim balance is $0 because the insurance company is reprocessing the claim and wait until the next payment comes through to enter the correct charges. BUT doing this leads to a $0 balance for the claim (the claim should be the amount they're taking back)? So on this particular voucher I have, the bottom of the last page has this: PROV ADJ CODE1 & FCN/OTHER IDENTIFIER: FB:BF AMT: -47.33. I would keep the check as a negative $47.33 correct? I wouldn't want to make the check equal out to $0.00 because then I wouldn't be able to do a reversal? Idk if this even makes sense, it's hard to explain. ASAP answers would be wonderful 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 I was taught when I started that I cannot have any "red" numbers in the "unposted" column... but shouldn't I have unposted $ considering what is going on?