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Tyrone, GA
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I have a question to all coders here who are ED coders in hospitals. I would like to know what type of things do you code and from what type of document. What do you abstract from to have correct codes. What resources do you use? Lastly, what types of things prepared you in passing the ED coding test before you were employed?
Although I am not limited to only ED coding, I do a substantial amount. When I must code from ED records, I am responsible for all charge capture: drugs, facility fee, pro fee, ancillary services (consults, Rad, Lab, etc).

We are lucky enough to have one source document for pretty much every provider type who services the patient in the ER. Both nursing notes, physician documentation and usually some element of the consult is housed in one, electronic record. Although I must also review orders and pick up any separate Radiology/Lab service, those are usually indicated on the source record and easily identifiable.

As for resources, I've found the Ingenix Drug Handbook an indispensable reference--especially for infusions and HCPCs code assignments. Aside from items in the source documents (medical record), I also frequently use CCI edits to finalize my code assignments.

I do not have a specialty credential for ED/ER services (because I think that's what you're asking), so someone else would have to offer up on that front.

Hope this helps.