EEG coding in hospital setting


Fairbanks, AK
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I work for an outpatient neurological clinic, where the doctors will interpret EEG's done at the local hospital. My question is, one doctor always states in the report "Recording time consists of 30 minutes over an hour." While also stating "patient was recorded while awake and asleep."

Now I've been coding for the typical EEG CPT code of 95819, because it was awake and asleep. However, I realized since he is mentioning the length of time of recording, that I could be billing for 95813, EEG extend monitor over an hour. I did some research and found, to my knowledge, that I can replace the 95819 with the 95813. I just wanted to double check that this was correct. The other doctor never specifies the recording length of time, therefore I always bill either a 95816 or 95819 according to the notes.

Thanks in advance for the help!