Wiki EGD w/banding of esophageal nodule-43244?

Pensacola, FL
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Physician performed an EGD with the intent of doing an EMR of an esophageal nodule. The patient has a hx of esophageal cancer, S/P EMR x2, with recent Barrx/Halo ablation.
The nodule and surrounding areas were too inflammed to safely do the EMR, so he used a band ligator and applied a band to the nodule in the hopes it would "slough off" over time. The descriptor for 43244 specifically states banding of varices. I have never encountered this, and don't know if 43244 can be used or if I need to go with an unlisted. Thoughts?
EGD w/ Banding 43244 for nodule not varies

Did you ever receive a reply to your question? I have the same issue and think my only option is unlisted procedure