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A question was recently asked of me by my admin office, and I'd really like any opinions/guidance anyone has to offer:

We've just started using our EHR (Centricity) a couple months ago. It was just noticed that several of our doctors, when creating their documetnation, go back and forth between lower case and ALL UPPER CASE text. Will this raise any red flags in an audit?

My opinion is that there shouldn't be any problems from a compliance/payer viewpoint. It's certainly not pleasant to read, but technically not wrong. I don't remember ever coming across anything stating otherwise.

Any input is much appreciated!! :)

Personally I really don't see a problem with it other than looking sloppy. As long as what was billed is documented I think that is all that will matter. I haven't read anything pertaining to this either. Another point to consider is this format is probably much more legible than a lot of physicians writing is.
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Thank you for your input Lisa! Sorry for the delay, we are actually in the middle of implementing our new EMR, and I am one of the "chosen" to help train the docs :eek: