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Could someone please help me with this?

Admitting diagnosis: atypical chest pain DX:
Service: EKG
Test result: Borderline EKG

You would code the borderline EKG. Can you use abnormal EKG ICD 9 Code 794.31?
Abnormal EKGs

When coding the EKG, is it appropriate to code the sinus bradycardia or 1st degree AV block AND then also code abnormal EKG 794.31? Please help. My understanding is that 794.31 should only be used if there is no specific dx as why the EKG is normal, is that correct?
We code the DX sinus tachy/brady 427.81 only and then AV block (if that was the order it was stated on the EKG). We don't normaly put the code for ABN EKG if there is a DX.
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