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I finally received an email that lists what I submitted as my answers, but however, it is not what I submitted. Is it auto-filling the answers from what was put in the previous day?
Thanks for letting us know. We're going to run additional tests and see what we find.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: How did it work out for you? Any discrepancies between what was entered and what came back in the email?


My email came through with my answer for today's case when I submitted it. Maybe the problem is with form autofill settings on your browser? :confused:
The answers in the email matched the answers I submitted today. Not sure how you would have received that error.
Hope you get it figured out!
Case #16

I just received an email for my answer to Case #16 and it added the modifier I have used from a previous day. The CPT code and ICD codes are correct for what I submitted.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We tried a few things on the back end to help with this. I would recommend that you take a screen shot before submitting until you're sure your answer is getting through correctly.