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I need some help with this! :confused:

A secondary incision was made in the right femoral region..We dissected out the previous crossover fem-fem-bypass, the common femoral artery and the SFA, and the profunda. Once dissected out, I made a transverse incision .

I embolectomized the SFA first and retrieved a moderate amount of clot. Once this was clean, I embolectomized the external iliac artery with just a small amount of thrombus. I then embolectomized the crossover fem-fem-bypass graft and retreived a large thrombosis and had excellent flow.

I repaired my transverse arteriotomy in the graft, I then released the clamps into the external iliac first and then the SFA was released. FloSeal was used at the suture level and deep layer suture was done.

Since it sounds like he did this thru the same incision & beleive I should only code 35875 or 34201, correct?? Or could you do both. I am not sure on this!

Any Advice is appreciated!

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34201 is for primary vascular procedure(initial, I believe)
Yours is a secondary incision at the site already done ( how many months ago?) and with a graft.
The Excision Explor, Repair, Revision code Category is the more appropriate for your case I think -35875.
The repair of these associated wounds is included in the primary procedures unless it qualifies as a complex wound where in modifier 51 applies.