Endarterectomy of left limb of aotobifemoral bypass


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Would appreciate any input for the following note. Incision was made in old scar of left groin. The previous limb of the aortobifemoral graft was dissected and controlled and we dissected the SFA and the profunda as well as the native common femoral artery. The profunda appeared to be heavily calcified even beyond the first branch. The patient recieved 7000 U heparin and after 5 minutes I clamped the vessels. I made a longitudinal arteriotomy on the hood of the graft extending into the SFA. There was a tight stenosis at the hood of the graft with calcified plaque. I performed an endarterectomy and that opened the SFA . I then sutured a pericardial patch in place. After that, I released the clamps and we had good pulses.
This sounds like a revision of the graft but not sure what revision code is correct or should this be coded as an endarterectomy of the SFA?
I would use endarterectomy of the SFA instead of the revision code. Sounds like the work was mainly done to the native artery not the actual graft.
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