Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy and Ligation of existing Parietoccipital shunt


Vancouver, WA
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I have my code for the ETV but I'm not sure if the ligation of a separate exisiting shunt is billable and what could would it be if it was. Does it constitute a shunt revision for closing it off with a clip?
Any suggestion would be much appreciated it.

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After the sterile drapes were taken down, a clipper

was used to remove hair from the right parietooccipital region over the

existing shunt catheter and a thorough sterile prep and drape was

carried out. A small incision was made and the catheter was isolated

and ligated with Weck clip. Multiple rounds of irrigation were used and

the incision was closed with inverted interrupted Vicryl, followed by

nylon. The patient tolerated this aspect of the procedure as well.