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Looking for any advice, please. Our patient was on the OR table for a laparoscopic sigmoid resection with coloproctostomy. Our surgeon indicated that a laparoscopic "take-down" of an enterocutaneous fistula with oversewing of the small bowel was also done. I am not sure "take-down" is the best way to describe the repair, anyways, I cannot find a laparoscopic CPT code for the fistula repair / oversewing of the small bowel.

Is there a laparoscopic code(s) that can be used for fistula and oversewing? Would open CPT codes be appropriate? (I believe no, but I am getting a suggestion to use open CPTs for these procedures)

If no lap codes are available, and I would have to use unlisted CPT codes, do I need to use two for the fistula and oversewing, or is the oversewing part of fistula work?

Thank you in advance.