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Windsor, CO
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I am going to start coding ER visits & am looking for any training or courses anyone might know of or recommend. I do have experience in office visit coding, just not ER & am not familiar at all with the T-sheets that they use & how to code off of these. Open to any & all suggestions, thank you!
Sadie Kelly, CPC
T-Sheet Coding

Since T-Sheets were designed specifically for ED services they should be relatively easy to code if completed correctly. T personnel should provide basic instructions in how they work, I recall positives are circled and negatives slashed but don't quote me. As for training, the prep for the AAPC CEDC is good basic ED coding training. ACEP also provides an annual ED coding/reimbursement meeting. It includes an initial day that can be taken separately on basic ED coding. A bit pricey and you have to get there, but worthwhile.

Jim S