ER vs OP code


Cazenovia, WI
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Can someone help me with this scenario ,please? Pt comes to ER with
syncopal spells. The ER physicians calls the family MD to admit. The family
MD does the work of the admit (history,exam.etc.) While she is there the
pt has more of these episodes. They decide that the spells are caused by
bradycardia/asytole and decide to transfer the pt to larger hsp for possible
pacemaker. The patient never makes it past ER status. Is the family MD's
work an ER visit or an outpt visit?

Same dr, another pt comes to ER, family dr does H&P, pt never makes it
past ER status, and then pt signs out AMA. ER visit? or outpt visit?

I don't feel they are consults, the family MD was called to admit pt.

Thank you!!