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I am taking a online internship through my school with Evolve. This is a problem I have and with some of the mistakes I am finding in this course I need another opinion

ICD-9 2012 code Set 585 has a note that says: Code first hypertensive chronic disease, if applicable (403.00-403.91, 404.00-404.93)

Every time I code it this way the internship solutions omits the 403 code. I remember reading in the guidelines that you must code 403.91 before 585.6 ESRD. Am I wrong?

I am to take my CPC certification in June and would like to get this cleared up. I don't trust this online internship course because of all the mistakes I find in the cases it requires me to code before taking the final in each section Examples: Changes sides between diagnosis and procedure, changes sex of patient between diagnosis and procedure, and constantly uses V codes which clearly state: Unacceptable Principal Diagnosis.