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I am a coding supervisor for a large healthcare system in the mid-west. We have 41 coders for over 500 providers. We are trying to come up with a range of productivity standards for all specialties. We are up to our armpits running reports and performing all kinds of mathematical equations but I wondered if any of you practice managers could give us an idea of what straight E/M coding, surgery coding, test coding standards are in your practices?

Francine C.
We struggle with this same problem trying to determine correct/fair productivity expectations. We have learned that Coders vary in their job functions based on the setting they are hired. My dept does not perform heads down coding. We review and appeal coding denials, assist with education to our clinics/providers, etc. We decided to hire a consultant to review our entire process, inflow/outflow and make recommendations on productivity based on our coders responsibilities. Sorry that I can't give you any advice or information on productivity.
We are in the same situation. We process the denials and the claim edits-- although we have an education department. Its so hard to be fair yet hold coders to a standard. Thank you for your response though! Francine