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This is what the Doc dictated would you code this as a expanded exam? 99202 What would you tell the Doc to dictate to get to the 99203 for the exam? The more I read on the exam the more confused I get if you can explain the difference from the expanded and the detailed for the 99202 and 99203 and we use the 95 quidlines.

Physical exam: The patient is a well-developed well-nourished male in no acute distress. Examination of the left knee demonstrates range of motion from 10° to 130°. He has quite a bit of quadriceps atrophy. He has crepitation as well with range of motion. Ligaments are stable. He is a very tight lateral retinaculum. Patellofemoral compression testing is positive. He does have a mild effusion. There is no significant medial or lateral joint line tenderness. Tibial rotation testing is negative.

Blood pressure 153/110, pulse is 73

Thanks for the help I really want to understand this better