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Hello all. I just became a member and am registered for the CPC exam on 8/25. I am just curious if anyone knows the passing grade needed? Not that inted to just get the "passing grade", but you never know......
WOW! 45 seems like a lot to me able to miss and still be able to pass. Hopefully I will not miss that many, but it is good to know there is a little breathing room!! Thanks!!!
Now, let me clarify...I would not DEPEND on the being able to miss 45 questions! The exam is very long and challenging and you're going to need every right answer you can get to give yourself the best shot at passing.

Good luck on your path to certification!

Happy coding! :)
I understand clearly. I am a perfectionist at heart. I plan to do the best I can on every question to reduce the number of wrong answers. I had just been reading a lot of posts of folks not passing the first time around and was curious what the pass rate was.

Thanks again!
Good Luck!

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before. If you have not already...get the study guide/practice tests and take them over and over. They really saved me. I took the long distance course and was just as nervous after hearing how many do not pass the first time around. I took my test this past December and passed the first time around. You can do it! Best of luck to you. :)