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Milwaukee WI
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Op report reads (in part)
PRE-OP DIAGNOSIS: Dermoid Cyst, Glabella
INDICATIONS: Patient diagnosed with a glabellar dermoid cyst and evaluated with CT scan. There was no intracranial penetration and the patient is brought to the OR electively at this time for removal.
DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: ... The cyst was circumscribed with methylene blue and a vertically oriented midline incision was demarcated as well. The 10 mm incision ws made with a 15 C-blade. Dissection continued down through the subdermal fat and muscular layer. The cyst was heavily invested in the fibrous tissue and periosteum. The dissection continued down to the periosteal level, and the periosteum incised. A Molt periosteal elevator was used to remove the lesion from its irregular depressed bony base. Two to 3 mm of erosion into the outer table were present. The cyst was removed and submitted to Pathology for evaluation. A complete removal was achieved. The defect was then copiously irrigated with sterile saline. The muscular layer was closed using interrupted 5-0 Vicryl sutures. The subdermal tissue was similarly closed with interrupted t-0 Vicryl sutures after advancement. The skin was closed with intracuticular 6-0 nylon. ....

(Pathology report states:"Dermoid cyst, brow")

So ... CPT 30125 or ??

ICD-9 ... 216.3 -or- 229.8

Thanks for your input.
F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CPC-E/M