Excision Multiple Exostosis Same Finger


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My surgeon performed the following procedure, excision exostosis right thumb distal phalanx and proximal phalanx. I was wondering if 26210 can be billed twice?

There was one incision which was extended. The OP report states: "We started the procedure with transverse incision following the crease on the right thumb. We could then locate mass with a ganglion cyst as well as exostosis on the distal phalanx. C-arm evaluation was used during the whole time to check for appropriate removal of the exostosis. We could then see that proximal phalanx also had a bone prominence. The wound was then extended proximally and distally in a T-shaped fashion. Care was taken to identify and protect the sensory branch of the radial nerve that was running on the radial side of the wound. With the help of a rongeur, the bone prominence exostoma was removed from the proximal phalanx distal portion was well."

thank you.