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Hello, everyone

I work for a urology group. One of my Dr's performed a excision and fulguration of multiple condylomas in the groin. I suggest to use 17004 because per note their were about 15 lesions. But in the process my supervisor thinks that 11404-11406 should a better selection. I thought those codes were for single lesion. Can some one help me with this?

Thank you.

When you say excision, did he excise each one seperately and use simple closure on each of these 15 lesions ( or one group of 15)?
17004 is for premalignant lesions. Genital warts are usually coded as benign lesions. (11420-11426)

There is also CPT 54060 (description below is right out of the CPT Manual .....
Destruction of lesion(s), penis (eg, condyloma, papilloma, molluscum contagiosum, herpetic vesicle), simple; surgical excision

Lay Description
A lesion or other skin deformity is removed from the penis by cutting it off. The physician may use a laser, an electric current, liquid nitrogen, or a chemical compound to remove the lesion.