Excision of Achilles tendon


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a code for the excision of the Achilles tendon, it was not repaired. Also the plantaris tendon was also excised. Not sure if it would be an unlisted code.

Attention was directed to the left posterior leg where there is an open wound with exposed Achilles tendon. The entire Achilles tendon was resected at least 1-2 cm proximal and distal to the open wound until healthy bleeding was noted within the tendon and there is normal tendon fibers. We essentially had to resect the Achilles tendon off the level of the calcaneus distally and then undermined the wound proximally to resect the proximal 2 cm. Healthy bleeding was noted underneath the tendon. The entire tendon was nonviable. It was sent for pathological examination. A posterior compartment fasciotomy was then performed to expose the flexor hallucis longus muscle belly which was necrotic and nonviable. This portion of the muscle belly was then removed. Plantaris tendon was also removed as it was infected and nonviable. A thorough flush was then performed with 3 L normal saline. After hemostasis was maintained we then applied the Integra biologic skin graft. It was unstable to the wound