Excision vs Debridement Coding


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Please help to code - which should be used debridement codes 11042, 11045 x 7 or excision code 11406.

Diagnosis: Necrotizing infection, right lateral thigh measuring 15 x 10 cm.

Operative Procedure: Excision of necrotizing infection, right lateral thigh, 15 x 10 cm.

Description of Procedure: Following the induction of satisfactory spinal anesthesia, a circumferential incision surrounding the obviously infected draining indurated area of the right lateral thigh was carried down through skin and subcutaneous tissue to the fascia of the muscle, which wile indurated appeared to be well vascularized to the extent of the dissection. The specimen was sent in 1 piece. Hemostasis was obtained with high voltage electrocautery and the would was then dressed with Xeroform, Kerlix and Coban. The patient tolerated the procedure well.
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