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Does anyone have experience with the Express Plus Software from Medicare? I was told by Medicare that we have to file Mcare secondary claims electronically and they recommended this software so we have it now and it's difficult to figure out; the reports is what i'm finding difficult. when i call the helpdesk they are not trained to answer these questions and have to put in a message for a technician to call back. it's been over 2 weeks and i haven't heard anything back, i've called 2x and still no call back. each time i call and ask what i'm supposed to do they have no other answer but to leave a message for a tech so in the meantime i've got claims that were rejected and i can't figure out why based on their reports. i've looked online and haven't found any other solution. there's a site that gives me explanationt to some of the error codes but i still don't know what they mean. any suggestions?