Question External Electrocardiograph Monitoring


Marshall, MI
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I have a question about the external ECG code sets. We do not bill a global code because we do not own the equipment and vendor does the scanning analysis and report portion. My question is related to the hook-up and initial recording codes - 93225, 93242 or 93246 depending on the length of time the monitor will be worn. If the hook up is not done in the office and is done by the patient, either they receive by mail from the vendor or our office, it does not appear it would be appropriate to bill for the hook-up and initial recording. The patient receives information from both the vendor and the office on how to apply. The patient's do sometimes call and the techs troubleshoot over the phone, but it still does not appear this would qualify for billing for a "connection". I have searched many resources and even written to our local Medicare Administrative Contractor and did not receive a response. Does anyone have any experience with this and have any sources to share? Thank you!