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I'm taking over some spine coding, and none of my other ortho docs do spine, so I'm at that fun place of less than sure what I'm doing-ness. Please help! :0)

Here's the note:
...A midline incision was then made centered over L3 to L5. Dissection was carried through the skin, subcutaneous and fascial layers. The paraspinal musculature was elevated off the posterior bony elements and retracted laterally to the medial edge of the facet capsules and joints. The facet capsules were protected. Decompression was carried our in the central canal lateral recesses in each of the neural foramina at L3-4 and L4-5. Following decompression, all neural elements were free. Solu-Medrol 60mg preservative-free was then used to bathe the neural elements....

I know I'm going to be looking in the 63001-63051 code range, but I need help figuring out which code is right. I thought 63005, but I'm not convinced that that is right. Spinal people, please help!

Thank you! :0)
More information is really needed to give you an accurate coding suggestion but it appears that this is a two level laminectomy for lateral stenosis (63047 and 63048). Again, more information would be needed for an accurate suggestion.
I agree that more info is needed but from what you posted it appears to be a decompression for stenosis which would be 63047 & 63048.