Eyes, Ears, Lungs - do you count plurals as meaning both?

Danville, PA
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A question that has come up concerning how to get points for systems in exams is the use of plurals. Example, EYES: conjunctiva and lids are normal. Would you count this as 2 OR would you take the 's' (plural) in "EYES" as meaning both and getting 4? Same question for EARS & LUNGS.

Also when seeing a statement under lungs like this: Lungs: chest symmetric with normal AP diameter, no chest deformities noted, no chest wall tenderness, lungs clear to auscultation. How many points would you get. I, personally, see the first 3 statements as musco related and the last dealing with respiratory and again, would you count that as 1 or 2 due to the plural "lungs".

Thank you much!