Fabrication and Application of Thermoplastic Ear Splint (i.e. Ear Molding) for Stahl's Ear

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Here's a challenge for you experienced Plastic Surgery Coders! My plastic surgeon saw a 5-week-old male with bilateral abnormal scaphoid folding with resulting Stahl's Ear contour. He determined that cartilage molding is possible, given child's early age, and could improve the overall appearance of the ears. He proceeded with ear molding, by fabricating and applying thermoplastic splints. Does anyone know of any CPT and/or HCPCS Codes that could be used to report the Supply, Fabrication and/or Application of the Ear Splint? Will I have to resort to Unlisted Procedure Codes, or are there actually Specific Codes that would apply? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!