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Lisa A

Smith Station, AL
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I am currently trying to locate information on getting reimbursed for a facility fee for our OR. Our facility is accredited with the AAAASF (American Assosciation for Accreditation of Amubulatory Surgery Facilities).

I am wondering if there is a charge that our practice can capture when the OR is used and if so, what CPT is used? What are others experiences with billing a facility fee, can we bill Medicare and Medicaid, does the claim go on a CMS 1500 or a UB-92?

As you can see, I have a lot of questions as this is all new to me.

Any assistance that anyone can provice would be greatly apprecciated.

Thanks in advanced for your help:confused:
As far as Medicare goes, you would have to be enrolled with them as an ASC to receive facility reimbursement. The claims would be billed to Part B on a 1500 Claim Form. I would suggest contacting the provider enrollment department for your local carrier for more info.