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I am trying to find an external cause code for the above. I can only find either striking against object with subsequent fall. Or falling on same level due to slipping, tripping, and stumbling with striking against object. I don't feel I can use this code as the provider did not state patient had fallen due to slipping, tripping or stumbling.

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Since I don't know the specifics, generally, you may be able to use:

W19.XXXA - (Unspecified fall) and W22.09XA (Striking against other stationary object). My understanding is that it is ok to use multiple codes in describing a situation. Don't know if this was a stationary object but if not, there's W22.8 (Striking against or struck by other object).
There's several codes to pick from depending on the specifics surrounding the fall.

Let's say the patient tripped while walking across their kitchen and hit their head on the counter, you'd use a W01.1- code. "Fall from same level" means that the person fell down and landed on the same surface they had been standing on, versus falling down stairs or falling off a ladder. If all that's documented is that the patient "fell" you'd have to go with W19.XXX-.

As far as the "striking against object" goes, without specifics as to what type of object the patient struck, there's really no where to go with that one, except maybe X58.XXX-

However, if the documentation includes information elsewhere that you can use to decipher the nature of the fall, I'd go that route.