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I'm looking for examples of statements for physicians to use for a family history when a patient (child) is adopted. Is it acceptable to just say that the history is unknown because the child is adopted or does that maybe fall under a social history?

Family Medical History

The Family medical history helps a physician determine whether there may be any genetic predispositions to certain conditions. It can also help explain possible infectious contacts.

So for a patient who was adopted there may not be any family medical history available due to adoption.

Our physicians frequently state this as: Family medical history not known; patient is adopted and biological family records are not available.
(NOTE: This statement works whether the patient is a child or an adult.)

If the reason for the visit is a suspected infection the family medical history may include - for [U]example[/U] - Both Mom and sibling have recently had strep throat.

F Tessa Bartels CPC
Children's Specialty Group
Medical College of Wisconsin