Favorite AAPC Memory


Bainbridge, GA
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The BEST CONFERENCE EVER was the year we went to Oahu Hawaii! The conference itself was EXCELLENT but the setting was PHENOMENAL! It was not only one of my favorite AAPC memories but one of the highlights of my life! :)
Awesome! I used to live on Oahu and attended the conference at Ko'olina...what a great place to learn and enjoy the beauty of the island. :)
There are so many highlights since I have been with the AAPC (1998). First having the honor of serving as an officer of the chapter (Portsmouth Va.), in every position.
Being able to travel to different states attending the National or Regional Healthcon Conference. The places that the AAPC has chosen to hold our conference has always given
us very nice hotels to stay in. Conferences have a vary of different topics, how to code for different specialities,, auditing, compliances, there is always something for everyone.
For beginners it is wonderful, you get to network with others in your field or meet new friends. If you are fortunate you will make life long friends. from all over the World.
Being able to start new chapters in Virginia has been such a pleasure. Yes, it is alot of hard work but while you are doing your jobs, it is so rewarding too. Thank you, AAPC for being there for us.