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Has anybody in the Peds GI world started doing these NOT via colonoscopy? Gross I know, but the patient has an NG tube placed and the donor stool is injected through the NG so that it can treat the entire GI tract. These are now being done in the endoscopy suite so my providers are really only administering the donor stool....code as observation, the unlisted GI code? I'm kinda stuck on this one!
I don't know the answer but I Googled it because some of my practices are going to start doing these. There are some prior discussions about this:

although both of those discussions implanted it into the colon. My guess is if there is no current CPT code for putting it into the colon there most likely isn't one for any other route either. I would say to use the unlisted code.

Also there is an interesting article here (although it was written last year) which states there is no CPT code for it via colonoscopy delivery:

Thanks for the feedback! The part I'm getting hung up on is this wasn't even done with an endoscope and it doesn't quite fit to bill an E/M code either. I guess I'll go with the 44799 for now. Tough call! :confused: