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Can anyone help on what they do in their office? Should you diagnosis Fever if the pt does not have a fever at the time they see the Dr? But has had one the day before. Any help whould be great.
I would. That is one of the reasons they are coming in to see the doctor. They could have taken tylenol before they came in and now the fever is just down.
Yes you can code the fever that is the main reason for coming to the Dr office, and the history section of the note should state "patient with one day history of fever with taking tylenol" then the Dr should order labs to see if the patient has an infection of some sort usually they will order a CBC to check the white count that will see if they have an infection or viral infection, on how they will treat the fever or let the patient continue on Tylenol.

That is presenting chief compliant of the patient. Yes fever can be coded.
I would as well. There are many symptoms that may not be present at the time of the visit that caused the patient to seek treatment (diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, etc). :)