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Lake View, Alabama
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This is the surgery i am having trouble coding:

1. Left Repair and Debridment of Achilles Tendon (27650)
2. Partial excision of calcaneous for haglunds exotosis (28119)
3. Transfer and Transplant, Deep, Flexor Hallicis Longus Faciotomy (27691)
4. Flexor Hallicis Longus Faciotomy ??? > is this included in the tendon transfer?

The following is the part of the OP report that the procedure is in:

We i identified the FHL tendon Deep within the ankle, identified it, protecting the neurovascular bundle transected across it distally deep within the tunnell, and brought into the wound it was tethered by the FHL fascia, so an FHL fasciotomy was done to release it from being tethered onc this was done we then repaired our achilles tendon........

would the faciotomy be included? and if not any idea on what code i would use?