Finding a Job with status "A"


Just wondering if anyone else has found a job while having the status "A"?
Nope. I've only had my CPC-A since the end of July, so I'm not expecting to find an entry level position right away. I've applied to a lot of jobs, all rejections. I know it takes a lot of No's in order to find the Yes! The right job is out there! Hopefully you've been using LinkedIn, indeed and even sign up for alerts from AAPC for jobs. Good luck with your search!
I think it really depends on your area. Some companies look for entry level positions specifically for Apprentice Coders. You have probably heard this already, but you might want to apply to other related positions just to get your foot in the door. I applied for Patient Service Representative positions as well as any Outpatient Coder position I could find. I got lucky with a certain company that was looking for Apprentice Coders and got hired with them. Your resume is key when it comes to standing out, even if you don't have any prior experience. You have to try and show that your previous job experience has transferrable skills that can translate into the coding world. I was in the Culinary Industry for 10+ years, so let that sink in. Good luck with your search!!