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HELP!!!!! We currently use payerpath as our clearinghouse and I am getting claims rejected from them requesting first date of symptoms. I have entered the info in every way I can think of and it still rejects it. I may be so frustrated it's something so simple, but any help would be greatly appreciatted
We have Payerpath as well. I'm not too involved in that end of the process, I just code and enter the information into our PM.

Someone else sets up the information, but the only time I see that field filled out is when we have a workman's comp or auto accident insurance. In our PM, I see this located in the ailment info box when entering the charge. We have to make sure to check the box to "attach to this voucher" and then save.

The type of claims I bill out are for inpatient hospital physician, outpatient hospital physician, and ASC facility/physician services.