Question FL Central Line, Tunnel

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I code for a Radiology Group out side the hospital. The Radiologist perform this procedure in the hospital.

Contrast was introduced into the left -sided Port-A-Cath under fluoroscopic evaluation. The catheter was noted to be curled within the left upper chest with the tip projected over the left lung apex. No contrast could be seen exiting the catheter tip, and there appeared to be some contrast collecting along the catheter within the soft tissues. The findings suggest an occluded Port-A-Cath. Fluoroscopy time was 0.5 min with 4 images obtained. Evidence of occlusion of the Port-A-Cath.

I bill for the professional component, usually 26. What CPT code for this procedure and do I need a modifier?


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I think 36598 fits best - Contrast injection(s) for radiologic evaluation of existing central venous access device, including fluoroscopy, image documentation and report. No separate guidance code or modifier 26 is necessary since the interpretation is inclusive to the procedure.