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I am new to coding and am confused about something. When is flouroscopy (CPT 76000) coded for and when is it not? I know if it is mentioned in the code that it doesn't need to be coded for, but sometimes when it isn't mentioned in the code, I have seen it coded, and other times not. I hope my question was clear enough....:eek:
You do not report fluoro guidance when it is included in the procedure. For example. CPR 49083 is abd paracententesis with image guidance. In the note it says "Do not report 49083 in conjunction with 77002 (which is fluoro guidance by needle)". Normally the S&I for fluoro guidance will be included in a procedure that is normally seen using it.

As for when to charge for fluoro guidance, the hospital I work uses fluoro guidance with the following procedures: CPT 36558 (tunneled cath placement), 36561 (chest port placement) and 38221 (bone marrow biopsy). These procedures do not normally need fluoro guidance so it is not included in the procedure.

Hope this helps.
If fluoroscopy (76000) is integral to the procedure being performed (which means it is usually done as part of the surgical procedure to localize the anatomic site or region), than the fluoroscopy is bundled into the CPT code for that procedure(s). Most CPT codes include fluoroscopy or other radiologic imaging; especially those codes that state this in their descriptor.
This means for claims, modifier -59 Distinct procedural service must be appended to code 76000 to receive reimbursement. There must be a medically necessary reason (eg, different anatomic site, organ, or episode of care) for the use of fluoroscopy apart from locating the specific anatomical site that a CPT code surgical procedure is being done on.

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