Wiki Flu test

If you are billing for the procedure in which you take a respiratory sample (e.g., throat or nasal swab, nasal aspirate or sputum) and do the rapid test, you should submit 87804, “Infectious agent antigen detection by immunoassay with direct optical observation; Influenza.”
However, if you are using some other source (e.g., culture material) or technique, which would not generally be considered a “rapid” flu test, you should submit a different code, such as 87400, “Infectious agent antigen detection by enzyme immunoassay technique, qualitative or semiquantitative, multiple step method; Influenza, A or B, each.”

Is for the rapid test A and B
But shoul I bill for 2 units and attach modifier 59 or. Shoul I list them separate and attach the modifier to the second code
Thank you for the help
Per ama's 2012 "coding for pediatrics" report the procedure twice with modifier 59 appended to the second service. Check with payor because some do not recognize 59 and may require reporting with two units of service and no modifier. Hope that helps. Lburke cpedc