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I have just switched from one pain practice to another and where I come from our physician's had ASC priviliges and so when we billed to Medicare we billed with fluoro, if the procedure was not inclusive. Now, I am trying to get the physician's at my new job to bill for the fluoro but they are convinced that Medicare will not pay. I do not recall this, can anyone help me out?
77003 has an N1 ASC payment indicator. N1 states the service is packaged into payment of another procedure. Thus for the ASC facility fee, 62310-62311 would include payment for the technical portion of the fluroscopy.
We bill for fluoro's if not included and I have not heard that we are not getting paid for them.
Addendum BB -- Final ASC Covered Ancillary Services Integral to Covered Surgical Procedures for CY 2012 (Including Ancillary Services for Which Payment is Packaged)

77003 Fluoroguide for spine inject N1

N1 Packaged service/item; no separate payment made.

Maybe for non-Medicare carriers, you are receiving ASC facility technical portion but as seen above for Medicare, there would not be separate payment for 77003-TC.

You can bill 77003 on the professional side w/a 26 modifier if the code allows.